Twitter subscriptions

🔗 Tuesday, 9 February 2021 • Cariad Eccleston •

I don’t need anything more than human support.

iPhone home screen with Twitter app
My iPhone home screen circa November 2021.

Bloomberg, “Twitter Considers Subscription Fee for Tweetdeck, Unique Content":

“You’ll be able to see us try all kinds of different things,” he [Twitter Chief Financial Officer, Ned Segal] said in early December at a Bank of America conference. “It could be higher-quality video. It could be analytics. It could be business presence. It could be the ability to look at something in a different way than you might be able to today.”

I’ll pay Jack Dorsey some dollars per month when I can get someone at Twitter to acknowledge my abuse reports.

I’m not even talking about having someone act on my reports. I just want a human being at Twitter to acknowledge the harm their platform enables.

I haven’t had a “we received your report” notification from them for months now. My gut tells me it’s been close to a year.

I’ll pay for human support. I don’t need anything more complex than that.